Natural Face Creams - Why You Should Consider Using Only Them

Have you taken the best care of your face for many years but you think that you are not looking so young after all and are a bit fearful about what is in those face creams that you have been using for ages. But, you say, the face creams that I have been using must be okay because I see people on television with beautiful and smooth complexions advertising these products and saying they could not do without them, so they must be okay. But then I wonder how they would look if they washed all their makeup off.

People I know who have been big users of chemical face creams over many years are aging faster in appearance than those of us who have sought other products. As they got more wrinkles and blemishes they used more chemical face creams. They seem to me to have a lot of wrinkles and blemishes. Do you know what is in these face cream products?

Mineral oil is a commonly used ingredient because it is plentiful and cheap. It is a by-product of the distillation of petroleum and can be called baby oil and paraffin wax. It can suffocate and clog the pores of your skin and prevent your skin from eliminating toxins. It hinders normal perspiration.

iooi all natural face moisturiser does not contain mineral oils.

Parabens are used because they give the cream a nice long shelf life. Do you want your skin preserved as though you were dead? They are synthetic chemicals and are probably carcinogenic, can interfere with the endocrine system and are involved in allergies. Alcohol dries the skin and is an irritant, stripping the skin of its natural oils and leaving it vulnerable to viruses, bacteria and molds. It has no place in a product that is claimed to moisturize. Several names are used including ethyl alcohol and isopropyl alcohol.

iooi all natural face moisturiser does not contain parabens.

Dioxane is commonly found in skin care products, can contain high levels of 1,4-dioxane which is readily absorbed through the skin and is known to cause cancer. There are hundreds of synthetic fragrances in use. They are derived from petrochemicals. You have no need of them. These synthetic substances are known toxins and carcinogens. They are known toxins to the brain.

iooi all natural face moisturiser does not contain dioxane.

Clever advertising on television and in magazines and elsewhere and pressure from society have coerced us into believing that using these products will make us look like the "stars" who are used to sell the products. Yet no product can make us look like someone else. No chemical product that may clog your skin, preserve it, dry it out or cause cancer can ever make you look like someone who is paid to extol its virtues.

Your skin is your largest body organ and while it is very good at keeping a lot of stuff out of the body, it was never designed to keep out the modern chemical cocktail. We need to be so careful when it comes to choosing face creams as so many products contain chemicals. But we now have a clear solution. It is becoming easier to buy better and simpler, well made, value for money, natural face creams and it really is up to us to make the right purchasing choices.

iooi all natural face moisturiser is a clear and inexpensive solution.