Natural face creams. Earth inspired ingredients that do not harm your health

Natural face creams are the newest trend in skin care. They are appealing because they do not use any chemicals or toxins.

In many face creams that are not natural, people experience allergic reactions or rashes from the chemicals and toxins that make up the fragrance of the cream. Parabens are often used to extend the shelf life of face creams, but they can affect your endocrine system and lead to allergic reactions. Fortunately, there are now natural substitutes on the market that can be used to prolong the shelf life of face creams.

iooi’s All-Natural Face Moisturiser does not contain parabens.

Alcohol is also often used in face creams; however, it is very dry and irritating to the skin. It strips away the skin’s natural acid mantle and leaves it vulnerable to viruses, bacteria and mold. Mineral oils are another common ingredient in face creams because, as a by-product of petroleum, they are very cheap. However, they prevent the skin from breathing by clogging the pores, making it nearly impossible to clear out the harmful toxins in your body.

iooi’s All-Natural Face Moisturiser does not contain alcohol or mineral oils.

As consumers become more aware of natural ingredients and products, more companies are joining the trend and giving consumers access to all-natural products that they can feel comfortable using. In contrast with chemical-laden products, all-natural face creams are not harmful to your health (except if you are allergic to any of the ingredients).

I have been searching for the perfect all-natural face cream for the past six months. I’ve read thousands of articles, visited hundreds of product websites and forums, and chatted with professional skin care doctors. In addition to being all-natural, the perfect face cream had to meet three major requirements:

1) It had to include high-quality ‘natural’ ingredients,

2) It had to prevent ‘hyaluronic acid destruction’ and

3) It had to defend against ‘free radicals’.

It was a long journey, and stressful at times, but our extensive research on different face creams led us to a product that met all of my requirements and produced the desired results though our through market testing: iooi’s All-Natural Face Moisturiser. It is a relief to have found an all-natural product that works for all.