Why natural face moisturising creams are the best

Take a good, hard look at the list of ingredients in your facial products. Do you recognise all of them? Are they easy to pronounce? If not, you may want to consider shopping for a new—and safer—cream.

For years, consumers have been tricked into using chemical-laden face creams that promise wrinkle-free skin. Yet many people find that these products do little to stop the appearance of aging. The reason? Many of the synthetic chemicals used in these so-called ‘miracle’ face creams damage skin rather than help it.

Parabens are some of the biggest culprits in today’s skin care products. These toxic chemicals have been used for decades as a preservative in many consumer products, and scientific studies have linked them to breast cancer. The most alarming study, which was released just a few years ago, stated that 90% of all malignant breast tumors contained parabens. When checking your moisturiser for parabens and other potentially hazardous chemicals, look for words such as methylparaben, propylparaben, ethylparaben and butylparaben.

iooi’s All-Natural Face Moisturiser contains none of these ingredients.

So, if most of the chemicals found in today’s over-the-counter skin care products can harm your skin, what should you use to tackle your age lines? We at iooi have created an All-Natural Face Moisturiser that contains safe, organic ingredients that work to repair skin damage and reduce the number of wrinkles in your skin.

Our natural face moisturisers provide many benefits:

Antioxidants: Antioxidants are important in helping skin cells repair and rejuvenate themselves. They are nature’s way of taking care of the skin.

Little risk of allergic reaction: Chemical products can cause rashes, itching and worse. In contrast, all-natural face creams rarely cause adverse reactions because they use pure ingredients that the skin is designed to handle. iooi’s All-Natural Face Moisturiser only contains pure ingredients.

More effective results: Face creams that use natural ingredients that the skin actually needs often have much better results.